Emma studied Illustration BA at Camberwell College of Art and graduated in 2013. As a freelance designer her artwork and designs have been featured on 13 CD releases to date, and in 2016 her record sleeve design was selected for the Secret 7” exhibition and charity sale. She is an experienced printing technician, primarily with Risograph and screen printing techniques, and freelances with Make-Ready and Hato Press in London.

Emma’s work focuses on colour and form, using simple geometric shapes in strict grid systems to create satisfying compositions that evoke movement and sensuality.
Clients include     

Game Xbox
Intercontinental Hotels Group
Apponyi Home
Guy Fox Ltd
Hudson Wright Easton
Devine Music
Shackleton Property
Soundboard Records

*** NOW ON !!! *** Solo show at The Peckham Pelican

“Secret 7" 2016” Shoreditch. April 2016

Emergency Meeting
Copeland Park, Peckham. October 2015

"Interior" solo show at The Peckham Pelican. September 2015

"Nostalgia Console", Juno Shoreditch. May 2014

“Game-BoxArt”, Box Park Shoreditch. October 2013

BA Show, Shoreditch. May 2013

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